The National Ulcerative Colitis Alliance (NUCA) is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Donald Akers, Esq.,  Board Member

Donald Akers, Jr. is the assistant district attorney for the 16th Judicial District of Louisiana. As the designated elder abuse prosecutor, he is responsible for oversight of elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation cases and is a frequent presenter at state and regional conferences on these topics. He also advises the Family Services Division and serves as the liaison to the Juvenile Court judges and prosecutors in the district.

Don has been a volunteer for nearly 2 decades with the Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA;, a national non-profit organization that advocates for persons and families with bleeding disorders. He serves as the HFA general counsel (pro bono) and has served on its board of directors and executive committee. Don is a passionate advocate for persons with chronic illness, presenting at meetings throughout the country on legal topics pertinent to patients and their families.

Don holds a BA degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and a JD from the Louisiana State University Law School. He is counsel to the firm of Gibbens & Stevens in New Iberia, LA, where he limits his practice to elder, estate, and small business law.

Vision for NUCA

I hope NUCA will be able to fill a gap in services and assistance to the UC community. As a patient, I feel there has been a deficit in focus on the patient's non-medical needs. I hope to see NUCA concentrate on patients and their families as opposed to science, research, and medicine, which is best handled by other entities. Psychosocial, legal, and daily living issues should be the mission of NUCA to eliminate barriers and improve our quality of life. My experience in the bleeding disorders community has provided me with firsthand knowledge of how these goals can be accomplished, and I hope that NUCA uses that success as a model.